Dear Zoran Spec bellow, you can see some pictures of the damage and also

  1. Pictures of the invoices that prove that the actual cost of the damage was much more from the cost that we charged you. We charged you 910€ and the actual cost was 1013€.
  2. Screenshots of our conversation that prove that we have sent you the invoices etc.

We really can’t understand why you have written this review.

Thank you


Zoran Spec Accident photo 3
Zoran Spec Accident photo 2

Spare Parts Invoice

Zoran Spec Accident invoice for spare parts

Invoice for the repair work

Zoran Spec Accident invoice for the repair works

Bank transfer receipt for paying the two above invoices

Zoran Spec bank transfer receipt

Screenshots of our conversation when we sent you the invoices etc

Zoran Spec communication 1
Zoran Spec communication 2
Zoran Spec communication 3